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Cities in the Masurian Lakeland


Location: northeastern Poland

Short info: district of more than 2.500 lakes and huge forests (area known as "Green Lungs of Poland")

Important cities:
  • Mikolajki
  • Mragowo
  • Ruciane-Nida
  • Wegorzewo
  • Ketrzyn
  • Gizycko
  • Pisz
  • Szczytno
  • Orzysz
  • Elk

Biebrzanski Park Narodowy

The Biebrzanski Park Narodowy is the biggest National Reserve in Poland, located in the Northeast Poland including forests, wetlands and the famous Biebrza marshes with unique plants, birds and animals. The Biebrza Valley where the water birds nest, was declared a wetland site of global significance. About 270 species of birds have been observed here so far.

The Biebrzanski Park Narodowy is an excellent place to walking, cycling and kayaking and most of all to admire unspoiled nature and beautiful landscapes.

In the Biebrza Valley there are many attractions worth visiting like a the Museum of Ostrowiec Fortress, Augustowski Canal, wooden churches in Jaminy and Stara Kamienna, and many charming villages with traditional wooden buildings, wooden crane wells and old chapels.

What to do in Masuria:

  • Take a kayak down the Krutynia river, or a boat ride on the Sniardwy Lake at sunset. And where there is water, immediately appear guides and boats where for little money one can spend a few exciting hours on the water.
  • Spend the night with a pint of beer and a huge portion of freshly caught pike, whilst listening to the local tunes in one of the many sailors' taverns.
  • Rent a bike and follow the trail of the Dutch windmills. One can be viewed in Ryn, along the main road leading from Gizycko to Mragowo, a second one can be seen in the village of Stara Rozanka, north of Ketrzyn. These windmills are there already 150 years.
  • Take a culinary journey and stop by the promenade of Mikolajki, take a seat in the comfortable benches of Restaurant "Kuchnie Swiata".
  • For the biggest hunger the best recipe will be the tasty 'Zapiekanka Mazurska', made with little steaks, mushrooms, and crunchy potatoes served on special plates.
  • Ask the locals for the best spots to go 'mushrooming'. Mazury is not only a water paradise but also has large forests, and in them just waiting to be picked all sorts of delicious mushrooms.
  • On a fair day visit one of the many riding schools that have sprung up in the area. Riding horses is a fairly inexpensive form of spending your vacation actively and a good chance to try something new.

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